How To Approach Materials

How to Approach the Material Each Day

Breathe deeply. Relax your body. Notice your heart, and try to feel a sense of openness and availability. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Ask God to reveal Godself to you as you read the passages and the reflection guide.

Slowly read the scripture passages. Choose one or two to contemplate. Take three or four minutes of quiet, simply allowing the words or thoughts to rest on your mind.

Read the daily reflection and notice what “speaks to you.”

Choose ONE or TWO ideas or questions from those offered with each meditation. You may also wish to journal your thoughts and review them at a later time. Your notes are for your eyes only.

If you find it helpful, make a note of questions, comments, or phrases that keep recurring in your mind. Share with God what is stirring in you.

You may choose to do the optional exercises offered occasionally in the materials (listening to music or watching a video, for example).

When you feel finished for now, take a few minutes to thank God for your time together. Close with the Lord’s Prayer or another prayer of your choice.

Follow this process for each day of the retreat as you move along with the material.

If you miss a day, keep going. There is no definite order for the reflections, so you can add missed reflection to the end of the retreat or do more than one reflection at a time. .

There are no right or wrongs ways to approach this at-home retreat. Please feel free to tailor the program to your needs and schedule. This is your time to use as you desire.


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