An Ocean of God’s Grace – January 31 Day 5

Parker Palmer said: “We float in a whole ocean of grace. Sometimes we start flailing because we forget that the ocean is buoyant and will hold us up just as the salt water is capable of doing.”

Remember those days when you were learning to swim? Or even to float? (It was a big deal for me to get that far!!). Once I relaxed, I was held up as if I were surrounded by gentleness.

I believe that God is absolutely delighted that you have chosen to spend time with God in this Epiphany Retreat.


7 thoughts on “An Ocean of God’s Grace – January 31 Day 5

  1. It is one of my memories of my father, him teaching me to swim and experiencing that fear and him desperately trying to help me to understand he would NOT let me sink, that he would be there, that I could relax into it and trust that he had me. That’s all filled with analogy to what is written above! And, the Healing Light Hymn was lovely!

  2. No matter how tenderly I held Michael in the pool water as a toddler, no matter how I tried to convince him that he was safe with me, a championed competitive swimmer…he would not put his head below the water. I tried for months before realizing it was not my skill that would earn his was my ability to listen to him say “I am not ready yet”…this would earn his trust.

    How often do I/we resist God when God is right there for us in an ocean of grace-filled embrace. How often does God listen to my/our verbal or spiritual combat insisting that we are not ready….to take the risk to tithe, take the risk to be charitable rather than do charity; take the risk to involve ourselves in the life of another who may need time and compassion, take the risk to assist someone in their poverty; take the risk to step out of our comfort zone and lead rather than follow; take the risk to leave; take the risk to forgive; etc……..The metaphor is the same…when we are ready to risk, God will be there (has always ben there) with the same all-embracing grace.

    • These stories touched a very old experience in my life. We had a cottage on a lake in N.H. My whole family was in the water swimming. I still had not learned to swim, so I was floating in a tube. Suddenly I slipped out of the tube under the water. No had yet noticed. Only God knew I was in trouble. For some reason, the Lord had me look up toward the light and see the tube still floating above me. I tried reaching up and caught the tube God was holding for me. I pulled myself up and new at that moment in my young way he had saved me. Thank you for minding me of this story. It still makes me shake to this day.

  3. I wish the whole group could read these comments more easily. This is beautiful. Thank you so much. Both you and Mary make my heart sing with joy! Swimmingly.

  4. The ocean is my best friend in nature. I learned to swim there as a very young kid. These comments bring back wonderful memories, and they make me realize that I’ve been ready and have been working for quite some time at holding the Trinity in my heart and soul. It’s a nice thing to think about.

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