Day 3: January 29, 2013: Knowing God Through Jesus

“On this day of Epiphany, let us thank God
for making himself known to us in such a marvelous way.” Anonymous

Can you think of some specific attributes of God’s character that you have come to know through Jesus? Let’s start a discussion.


3 thoughts on “Day 3: January 29, 2013: Knowing God Through Jesus

  1. How do I know more of God because of Jesus?

    I believe one of Jesus’ main purposes in life was to deepen people’s existing relationships with God. Through his teachings on love for the poor, the helpless, the captive, blind and hungry; through his teachings on forgiveness and surrender; Jesus revealed how God wanted us to live and worship. Maybe, when Jesus became a human, a door was opened and a star sparkled more brightly to lead us into wanting God to be closer to us.

    Do we know how to more closely connect with God?

    Many of us have a never ending cadence: step forward 10, step backward 6, step forward 2, etc.

    No matter.

    For it is enough that God always wants to be close to me/ us.

    • “When Jesus became a human … ” It strikes me today that if God hadn’t sent Jesus to be human, we would continue to struggle with what role model to follow in our every day life. Thanks, God!

  2. mine is not so much a reply to those thoughts as much as it is what I have experienced with Day 3; Knowing god through Jesus. “For Chrisitans, Jesus is the decisive disclosure of the More, and of what a life full of God is like.” Marcus Borg quote.
    To me that is because nothing else is like it!!! No joy can be compared to the joy of being in relationship with Jesus as my guiding light and that light tells me the way to a relationship with God. the days move and with each one I feel more connected to the Spirit within that is God/Jesus/Me.

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