DAY 2 — What is (An) Epiphany?

My friend Deb Milroy introduced me to the idea of “God winks” a couple of years ago after she read Squire D. Rushnell’s “When God Winks at You: How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence.” And I’ve been noticing God’s winks ever since! Several people who know me would describe me as a skeptic when it comes to “coincidences.” While I still hold a healthy amount of skepticism, I am much more open to the idea that God is active in my life even in small ways, and often to get my attention.

When I was going through the discernment process about whether or not to pursue the position of Minister of Spiritual Care at St. James, I got reassured time and again that working in this ministry was the right path for me on my journey. The Scripture passages I read in my daily meditations (when I did them!) often included passages about “not being afraid,” or sometimes pointed toward a new way or the importance of discipleship. I believe that God also reveals Godself through people. The love and reassurance I got from my family and friends during my discernment was God in action.

But God winks aren’t reserved for the deep stuff of our lives. God makes me laugh! It’s almost like a bonk on the head sometimes when God says–one way or the other–“Oh? You think THAT? You’re going to do WHAT? Take another look, darling.” I love God winks!

I’m going to post again about one special ephiphany I had because if it wasn’t a GIANT God wink, I don’t know what one is.

Enjoy your Retreat! Blessings, Julia

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One thought on “DAY 2 — What is (An) Epiphany?

  1. Happily, I have experienced several “God Winks” in my lifetime. They are moments of grace, mystery, and insight that feed my soul. I will reflect on one to share here. Most folks who know me have heard me speak of a few of them. They are a delight!

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