Ease in to Your Retreat

Hello Everyone: By now you should have received a Welcome Letter and the Day 1 (January 27) Reflection. I see that a few of you “clicked” to this blog, so let me get us stated.

One of the people who signed up for the Epiphany At Home Retreat reminded me today of the struggle some of us face when trying to set aside time and place to do the daily reflections. Here are a couple of ideas that may help. Please add your own ideas in comments section below.

1. Ask you friends and family to give you the time and space — without interruptions — that you have decided you will spend each day.

2. You may want to prepare a particular place where you will read, reflect, and relax. Getting out of your “ordinary” setting can make the retreat seem more real.

3. I have a table in my bedroom that I made into a little altar. I have a candle (I chose white for the Christ Candle) that I light just before I begin my retreat time — even if it’s going to be for just 15 minutes. I have put a few precious things on the table, like a special stone that holds meaning; a pretty piece of pink fabric because I like the color; and a small cross that was a gift to me. As my husband Bob would say, “Don’t forget to blow out the candle!”

4. One of the problems I have is worrying about how long I have spent being quiet! Is it too much? To little? Perhaps a timer will help you. Try this online meditation timer: http://www.poodwaddle.com/meditation.htm. There are other apps for i-phones and other options that you could Google “mediatation timers.” Do you have a link to a nice timer?

5. Just be! Don’t make this exercise too cerebral. Have fun! Basking in God’s love for one minute or 10 minutes. Make this time yours!
Enjoy! Julia


One thought on “Ease in to Your Retreat

  1. this is my epiphany night prayer
    Lord, it is night.

    The night is for stillness.

    Let us be still in the presence of God.


    It is night after a long day.

    What has been done has been done;

    what has not been done

    has not been done; let it be.


    The night is dark.

    Let our fears of the darkness,

    of the world and of our lives

    rest in you.


    The night is quiet.

    Let the quietness of your peace

    enfold us, all dear to us,

    and all who have no peace.


    The night heralds the dawn.

    Let us look expectantly to a new day,

    new joys, new possibilities.

    In your name we pray.


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