Welcome to the St. James Epiphany At-Home Retreat Blog

Welcome to Everyone! We are so pleased that you have decided to read or post to this special blog. Each day there will be a post for you to comment on, or you can begin your own post at any time.

Bless you during this Season of Epiphany!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the St. James Epiphany At-Home Retreat Blog

  1. Practicing Peace: A Devotional through the Quaker Tradition: “It is somehow easier, at least for me, to accept that others are the daughter and sons of God than that I am. When others are unkind, foolish or downright bad we can make excuses for them-they were worried, ill-informed, had unhappy childhood, were under strain etc. Where we ourselves are concerned, however, we are all too aware of the trivial thoughts, the dubious motives, the laziness, vanity ,greed and so on. How can we believe in that God in ourselves? What shred of evidence have we? Adam Curle, 1981
    My Epiphany: I am kinder to others than to myself. If I am a child of God then I need to forgive myself, love myself as Jesus would have done for me.

  2. Why is it we who wish to follow Jesus,in the truest sense, have the hardest time with the part of the journey that begins with “love yourself as you love your neighbor”??? I have learned that I CAN love myself without the Puritan guilt that our culture carries as ‘ego’ or self-aggrandizement. Jesus told me I am worthy of HIS love therefore I am worthy of my own love for myself.

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